SUNSON G-TOOLS Portable Digital Cutting Machine

SUNSON G-TOOLS Portable Digital Cutting Machine

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Flame Cutting/ Air Plasma Cutting CSSK 1250-2450 (71.5kg)

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  • Adopt advanced professional industrial control technology, LCD display with 5.7 inches' high resolution ration lattice. With compacted structure, light weight and small volume, it can move arbitrarily. Its cutting method and performance, just as the gantry type cutting machine, can cut the arbitrary and complicated plane figure. It reduces the second process and the producing cost, improving material utilisation and the labor productivity.
  • With flame cutting and plasma cutting controlled software operation transforming, transferring cutting mode is very easy.
  • Chinese and english menu, visual and easy to learn.
  • Used alternative dialogue type programming software, transfer the spares' figure and nesting which drawing by AutoCAD, automatically to G code which is needed by the cutting, but no need the human programme.
  • Support USB connection, making the document transferring conveniently and software upgrade.
  • Perfect offline function, quick and exact setting starting point.
  • High detailed stepping motor controlled driver makes the equipment move stably with low noise, improving the procure quality.

MODELUNITCSSK 1250-2450CSSK 1600-3400
Rated Primary VoltageV1phase 220 ± 15%
Power Source FrequencyHz50-6050-60
Rated Inputw180180
Effective Cutting Range_1300 X 25001600 X 3400
Cutting Thicknessmm/min5 - 1605 - 160
Fuel Gas PressureMapmax 0.5max 0.5
Oxygen PressureMapmax 1.5max 1.5
Applied Fuel Gas Type_Acexylene, PropaneAcexylene, Propane